Blue Stained "Funky Fresh" Wooden Pendent w/ Beaded Necklace

from Slynk

Dance like no-one is smelling you.

Throwing fresh shapes on the dance floor all night is hard work and while you might look pretty fresh, unfortunately at the end of the night, you might be smelling a little funky. This wearable air freshener look-a-like is 100% guaranteed to distract your fellow poppers, lockers, breakers and go-go dancers from the funk of a full nights worth of boogie sweat.

Get low and shake your tail feather all night worry free!

Jokes aside.. here are some details.

- Strong 5 ply Baltic Birch pendent
- Vibrant Azure coloured Stain with matching beads
- Beaded necklace threaded on extremely strong 120lb rated fishing line
- Made with 10% more funk than the next leading brand

Orders can take up to 2-3 months to arrive, especially if you are in Australia/NZ and remote parts of Europe. Shipping to Canada and US should arrive within 2 weeks or so. We do not offer tracking because it is simply too expensive. This is a small operation and we are trying to keep the cost low for you guys.

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Slynk Vancouver, British Columbia


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