Limited Edition "Seal Dude" Metal & Acrylic Pin

from Slynk

Funk is an endangered species in the music industry and we need your help. Over 420 ravers die from funk starvation every summer. It's an absolute tragedy and it needs to stop. Buy a pin and help raise awareness about the dangers of funk starvation.

Together we can make a difference. All proceeds will go directly to the creation and distribution of funk music for those most in need.

Thankyou for your contribution.

- Detailed and glossy finish. Ooo shiny!
- Double push pin fasteners for added security
- Slynk logo embossing and collector number on the back
- 2 inch x 1.5 inch
- Only 100 pins in existence

Orders can take up to 2-3 months to arrive, especially if you are in Australia/NZ and remote parts of Europe. Shipping to Canada and US should arrive within 2 weeks or so. We do not offer tracking because it is simply too expensive. This is a small operation and we are trying to keep the cost low for you guys.

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Slynk Vancouver, British Columbia


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